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  • Reservation and coordination staff can be reached 24 hours a day for our customers' convenience sake.
  • There will be 2 on-bus staff; one driver and one assistant. But in case it is a long distance drive, 2 drivers will be in charge.
  • On-bus staff is well-mannered and wearing a uniform.
  • Age between 30-50 years old drivers have years of driving experience, know well the destinations and directions as well as are able to cope with the emergency situations.
  • All drivers are assured to have a health check-up annually.
  • All drivers are ontime and reliable as well as are trained to deliver a high standard service and give customers a positive impression.
  • All drivers have a mobile phone carrying around with them 24 hours to make sure they will never lose a contact.
  • The assistants help passengers looking after their belongings, assist guide or tour leader, count the passengers, load and unload luggages, serve the drinking water and refreshing towel as well as do the cleaning job.